Internet Resources for Spanish Practice:

These aren’t necessarily the home pages

Type in the Spanish or English word you want in one of the fields.  You’ll be amazed at what it gives you.

Click on “Conjugate another Spanish verb” to see the conjugation of the verb you want.

This is fun, I think.

This is a must for those traveling to Latino countries

The only limiting thing here is that you must type the accents correctly when relevant.  If you go to “help” it’ll tell you how to type those characters.  Music, music, music…….wow   news in Spanish  and many other things. This is one of the
most popular sites in the Latino community in USA

For pronunciation  Free tutorial  TO PRACTICE PLAYING  This is great!  This is if you want lyrics of the songs.

This brings many FREE resources for Spanish Students.

To practice the hard ones:  POR y PARA:

This one is very useful for Healthcare providers, and it is unique and new Sep 2010:

Good translator and to look for words:

Online Games – Medical Terminology
Improve your understanding of medical terminology and of doctor’s jargon.

News: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22% increase in the number of working interpreters and translators in the next 10 years, making this growth one of the largest on the list.

This is a dictionary English Spanish and Spanish English

This is great for Medical field

More Resources:

Software: -

Indy Spanish Radio:

107.1 FM

1590  AM

Sirius Radio Stations:

90 – Universo Latino

92- Rumbon

181 – ESPN Deportes

182 – CNN en Espanol

XM Radio Stations:

90 LatinFuego

91 LatinViva

92 LatinAguila

94 LatinCaliente

126 CNN en Espanol

172 MLB Play by Play en Espanol

Podcasts: (Some of these you may need iTunes to access)

Rolling R’s –



ESPN – - Not all related to Spanish but a lot of great free tools and resources. - To get a person to help you practice - Free audio language course – Spanish resources from the BBC
I’m sure that there is much, much more, but wanted to get you guys a list of stuff I have found…

Studies Abroad:

If you can afford it, and have the time, and the conditions, this is a place to start:

This is great and interactive with free lessons.

Cuentos cortos Latinoamericanos: Very good for children and Adults

If you want to choose a book in Spanish for your leisure:

This website has medical practical terminology

This is a great site for medical terminology and more related health issues.

Great for parenting and other health kids issues.

This is great for literature, art, etc. Also to create cards and so on.

In this site you can receive lessons on the Bible in Spanish for free

And for a very affordable fee you can also interact with questions…all in Spanish!

This is great, maybe you have to register first at and then you can use this software.