The demographic change that the United States is experiencing due to the unprecedented growth of the Hispanic population, the opportunity for greater cooperation and commerce is driven in part by the dramatic growth of the use of the Spanish language in the United States, to the point where there are now approximately 36 million people in the country who speak it. Spanish is the second language of international communication in the world. Right now, 1 in 6 residents of the United States is Hispanic; 1 in 5 public school students is Hispanic and 1 in 4 children born in the United States is Hispanic. By 2025, over half of American families will be multicultural. By 2050, the United States will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world. According to estimates made by the U.S. Census Bureau 132.8 million Inhabitants will be Hispanic by 2050, almost three times the current 46.7 million, which means nearly one in three Americans citizens, will be Hispanic.

A new corporate paradigm will have to evolve to address this emerging consumer mosaic and help keep the United States on the crest of this wave of demographic change. The Spanish language will be a natural component of the new framework, and the ability to speak Spanish in addition to English will increase in value (in schools, media, scientific research, business, politics and diplomacy.) How should the United States capitalize on the rising value of Spanish domestically and internationally?

1. How should the U.S. address Spanish in the school system?

2. How are corporations facing this radical multicultural change in the U.S.?

3.  How to best manage the impact and growing influence the U.S. Hispanic population has on society, the economy and politics in the U.S.?





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General Objective

Understand and speak in various situations, not necessarily familiar to the learner, which require an exchange of information and personal opinions with complex linguistic structures. Interact spontaneously in different scenarios. Master different language registers, both oral and written.

Specific Objectives

  • Listening: The student will be able to understand the general content and the details of basic conversations held by native speakers on topics not necessarily familiar to the learner. To understand items of news from the Mass Media, telephone messages and other public messages.
  • Speaking: The student will be able to participate by setting out opinions and attitudes in a practical and adequate way in conversations on familiar topics.
  • Reading: The student will be able to understand the general content and basic details from texts of diverse kinds on topics not necessarily familiar to the learner.
  • Writing: The student will be able to produce texts of varied complexity in different registers and formats, related to topics which are familiar to the learner.


Percy is a fabulous teacher. His interactive teaching approach utilizes many different teaching modalities to ensure each of his students comprehend and speak Spanish well. His patience and sense of humor allow his students to learn in an atmosphere that allows them to make mistakes during the learning process. Percy applies adult learning principles to his teaching which enables his students to learn a new language at their own pace and without frustration or impatience. I would recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn Spanish.

Lisa Brindle

“Percy’s passion for teaching is the reason that I look forward all week to going to class.  The classes are dynamic, interesting, and students are completely immersed in learning Spanish from the very beginning.  I know I will continue to take Spanish lessons as long as Percy continues to teach it!”

-Michelle Figueroa

“Percy has made learning Spanish very different for me than it was in school.  I came into class, having quite a bit of background, but having not used it for 10 years put me right back with all the beginners.  He was able to get through many of the basics in just the first 10 weeks.
Class with Percy is so much fun.  He uses stories,daily life, and trips to various restaurants to really enrich the learning process.  I feel like I
have made more progress in the past 10 months than in 5 years of school Spanish. With private lessons, Percy and I are able to more intensely cover the material as well.  We are able to go at my speed.  This helps me see the results even faster.”

Amy Kelly

Ruth Lilly Health
Education Center in Indianapolis

Disfruto mis clases de español con el grupo.  Percy es un maestro excelente y he aprendido mucho sobre el idioma y la cultura.I enjoy my Spanish classes with the group.  Percy is an excellent teacher and I have learned a lot about the language and the culture.

Sandra Seals

State Farms

I took Spanish classes from 5th grade through my senior year of high school, and an additional 3 courses in college, giving me a strong foundation in understanding the language.  But despite all of the classes I had had, I was far from comfortable in talking in Spanish, particularly when trying to speak with individuals who were native to the language.  When I look back on it, my classes were focused on listening, reading, and writing Spanish, but I had never had much of a chance to actually speak Spanish.  With the exception of a couple of short vacations in Spanish speaking countries, I really did not speak any Spanish for about 10 years.  After so many years of studying Spanish, I was starting to feel I could never achieve fluency and I gave up on my studies.  But then I had the good fortune of meeting Percy Consiglieri.  He convinced me to give Spanish another shot, and I am so glad I did!  Three years ago, I started taking Percy’s weekly intermediate Spanish class.

At first, I was pretty rusty, but he was very patient and he appropriately adjusted the level of the class for all of us as we made progress.  He coaxed each of us to start talking more and more, and with each week I gained confidence in my ability to speak the language.  Before I knew it, I was moving into the advanced level class and speaking on a regular basis with my Spanish speaking families at Riley Hospital.  As my department gains more and more of the families, my ability to communicate with them has been absolutely invaluable.

The attention, direction and encouragement I have received from Percy has been exceptional.  I am amazed at the progress I have achieved under his direction from meeting for only 2 hours a week.  Plus, Percy’s classes are very reasonably priced and a lot of fun.  I have found Percy and my classmates to be wonderful people and great friends.  I strongly recommend Percy’s classes to anyone who wants to learn Spanish, regardless of their background or ability.


Stephanie Gurnon, MS, CGC

Genetic Counselor at Riley Children’s Hospital

I have been taking Spanish classes with Percy for approximately two years.  In this time, I have progressed from spouting random Spanish words learned in high school classes to being able to communicate with Spanish-speaking clients and others in the community.  Although I am not fluent yet, I am able to get my point across and understand a majority of what I hear.  It has been a tremendous asset to not only my personal growth, but also as a professional working with an increasing Hispanic population.  Percy takes an easy-going approach to teaching but is constantly pushing us to learn during class and outside of class.  The skills I have acquired during these two years have been invaluable to me.  Anyone showing any interest in learning Spanish should definitely contact Percy for a wonderful learning opportunity.

Julie Beliles
Pediatric Physical Therapist
On The Move Therapy

I am presently in my second session of Percy Consiglieri’s Beginning Spanish course at St. Monica’s.If you are looking for a chance to progress at your own pace, this is the place for you.   Percy looks for ways to accommodate each student’s learning style.    Each class is informative as well as enjoyable.

Margaret Wente

Studying Spanish with Percy has been a positive experience for the whole family. Over the past years that Percy has been coming to our home, our children have developed a truly meaningful relationship with their teacher. Percy is wonderful with children–relaxed and easygoing. He knows that the best way to impart knowledge to kids is through what they all enjoy: attention and games! And because of all the work Percy does in the community to bridge American and Latino cultures, our children have also learned more about the Latino culture that continues to grow in Indianapolis.

As for me, my ability to speak the language has grown exponentially. In high school, where I first took some Spanish, the contrived classroom and non-native speaker simply can not compare to natural conversation in the context of real life. Because my skills have taken such a leap forward, I have chosen to spend a few minutes each day speaking only Spanish to all three of our children (ages 8, 7, 3) thereby reinforcing what Percy has taught us and modeling a skill that we believe is worthwhile. Now that my confidence is growing, the children have also seen me speak in public to native speakers. I think this shows our children the practicality of learning Spanish as well. I am committed to raising bilingual children. I believe it’s their future and that learning with Percy will gie them a “leg up” in what is sure to be their reality as adults. Fortunately for us, we have found a wonderful teacher and role model to have in our home on a weekly basis. I recommend Percy Consiglieri to anyone interested in learning how to speak the Spanish language.

Scott and Brooke Riddell